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The Great Kindness Challenge Classroom Curriculum

The Great Kindness Challenge Classroom Curriculum is a multi-week kindness program for grades 1- 8. With a curated kindness checklist and 50 corresponding SEL-focused kindness lessons, students actively create a culture of kindness while strengthening their social and emotional well-being. 

 GKC - Classroom Curriculum Tools At A Glance

A  turnkey SEL-focused kindness program featuring

50 kindness lessons to uplift and inspire your students.

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Informational Flyer

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The Classroom Edition
Kindness Checklist

Students are challenged to perform acts of kindness using the GKC - Classroom Edition kindness checklist. Each act of kindness from the Classroom Edition Checklist has a corresponding kindness lesson. You choose how many acts per week i.e. how many kindness lessons to implement. Students use the GKC - Classroom Edition checklist to keep track of their progress througout the year.


The kind acts on the kindness checklist focus on key kindness concepts: 

  • caring (incl. self-care)

  • respect

  • gratitude

  • inclusiveness


The Great Kindness Challenge is an action-based program and the kindness concepts are internalized through the hands-on experiences.

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Kindness Lessons: 

Student Fliers


The SEL-focused kindness lessons are designed to provide 15 to 45 minutes of interaction, reflection and fun! Each act of kindness from the Classroom Edition Checklist has a corresponding kindness lesson.


The easily sharable lessons include a visually captivating student flyer with art from youth around the world (available in PDF, JPEG, Google slides & PowerPoint).


Lessons featuring happy quotes, interesting facts, physical energizers and fun activities uplift students and inspire them to extend their kindness out to the world!

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Kindness Lessons:
Teacher Guides

The kindness lessons: teacher guides are turnkey and make the facilitation of the 50 kindness lessons a breeze!


There is minimal prep time required. It's simple: teachers read through the guide and let the activities and joy unfold!

Save the Date

Whether you decide to implement the Great Kindness Challenge Classroom Curriculum or the GKC - School Edition or both, we will unite all participating students during the official Great Kindness Challenge celebration week. Be sure to save the date - January 22 - 26, 2024!

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The 2024 Great Kindness Challenge Kick-Off Video

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