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The Great Kindness  Challenge - School Edition

The Great Kindness Challenge - School Edition is designed to be implemented on campus and it will take place during the official GKC week this January 22 - 26, 2024 (or whenever is best for your school).

The Great Kindness Challenge - School Edition

All schools that are officially registered for The Great Kindness Challenge may access the 2023-2024 GKC - School Edition  tools from the GKC tools page. If you are not registered yet, you will prompted to sign up. Thank you!

2023-2024 GKC Checklist SE English.jpg

GKC - School Edition Checklist

During the official Great Kindness Challenge week (January 22-26, 2024) students are challenged to complete 50 acts of kindness from this kindness checklist. 


The kind acts on the kindness checklist focus on key kindness concepts: 

  • caring (incl. self-care)

  • respect

  • gratitude

  • inclusiveness


The Great Kindness Challenge is an action-based program and the kindness concepts are internalized through the hands-on experiences.

2021-2022 GKC Junior Edition Checklist English.png

GKC - Junior Edition Checklist

For our PreK - 1 grade students, we offer an abbreviated kindness checklist. 

2023-2024 GKC Toolkit_Cover.jpg

2023 - 2024 GKC Toolkit

The GKC toolkit will tell you everything you need to know in order to make this program successful at your school.


The Toolkit includes: 

  • Getting Ready Guide

  • Info Flyers & Parent Letters

  • Weekly Schedule Samples

  • A-Z Ideas 

  • Media Kit

  • And more!

Getting Ready

2023-2024 GKC Info Flyer.png

The Great Kindness Challenge - Info Flyer

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